Tuesday, December 4, 2012

7 Reasons Why Physical Education is Important in School

I found this website and realized how important Physical Education teachers are: http://bcsd.k12.ny.us/middle/wood/7%20reasons%20why%20PE%20is%20important%2011%2009.htm There are many different reasons why Physical Education is so important for students and those reasons are touched upon in this website. I was always one to love P.E. in school but I didn't even know all the benefits. It makes me so mad to think that some schools are cutting P.E. because there are so many benefits that it can bring to students. Here are the 7 reasons why Physical Education is Important in School:

  1. It's a link to good health
  2. It's a preventative measure against disease
  3. It's a program for muscle strength and fitness
  4. It promotes academic learning
  5. It builds self-esteem
  6. It develops cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skill
  7. It promotes a physically active lifestyle
Throughout the classes that I have taken so far at UNI I have really begun to understand the importance of P.E. and why we need to keep it in the schools. The above reasons just touch on all the benefits of P.E. and I think a lot of people underestimate it's importance.

Picture source: iCLIPART for Schools


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